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    mark stanton

    kirkpatrick lives with his family in Tumwater,Washington. He paints on location around Puget Sound, and at home in his studio. Mark has been a life-long painter and printmaker. He holds art degrees from Western Washington University and the University of Washington.

    mark and kathleen“On rare occasions, when the conditions are just right, a collection of visual elements is so striking that it “burns” the image into our memories.  It could be the colors, the lighting, the shapes, or the total composition, but whatever it is that creates that spark remains without a name.  All of us, however, seem to know what we like and what makes a lasting impression.
    For me, the spark seems to come from scenes that are dramatically lit, and are composed with a strong, compelling palette. In my paintings, I attempt to reveal a personal connection to the images and to convey the value they possess”.
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